Singapore Tian Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre is a well-known and an international award winning troupe. Since the founding of our troupe in 1987, Tian Eng has won numerous awards both for lion dance as well as dragon dance competitions. We are honored to be one of the few troupes that managed to get a double champion for the Traditional Lion Dance competition both in the semis and finals in the 2006 National Lion Dance Competition, one of Singapore major championship for lion dance. We have over the years also won numerous medals for our art of lion and dragon dance. This is a testimony of Tian Eng‘s continuous strive to promote this traditional Chinese art and at the same time keep our traditional culture alive.

Our Achievements

Sarawak 3rd International Competition 2011

The Sarawak International Lion & Dragon Dance Competition held in the East Malaysian State of Sarawak is one of the country's premier Lion & Dragon dance competition with active participants of the best troupes in Malaysia as well Singapore. Tian Eng , through its motto of camaraderie and friendship with overseas troupes participated in the Traditional Lion Dance Category and emerged the overall Champion despite intense competition from 17 other excellent troupes. Tian Eng thus created history as the only Singapore troupe to bag the championship in the Sarawak Competition, winning accolades and bringing glory to the country. This victory is a testimony of our constant training as well as the emphasis on doing our very best for the art of traditional lion and dragon dance.

1st Thailand Sungei Kolok International Traditional Lion Dance Championship

We were invited to participate in the above International Competition in Sungei Kolok, South Thailand in 2012 and our two teams were awarded the overall champion and runner –up. We were pitted against the best teams in Southeast Asia and the achievement is no less than the hard work the whole team put in to achieve our goals.

Penang Mah Yoke Seng Cup 2012 Lion Dance Competition
Tian Eng was invited to compete in the 3rd Mah Yoke Seng Lion dance Cup in June 2012 in the Malaysian State of Penang. We were again crowned the champion.

Our Values

Tian Eng also maintain a strict discipline in instilling a positive attitude and good traditional values. We believed very strongly in our mission that good traditional values like discipline, respect, perseverance be inculcated at the same time as we learn the intricate steps of the lion dance and the team coordination of the dragon dance. Our students are taught the good old values of our forefathers who brought the invaluable art to us and this have always been a guiding principle in Tian Eng.

Our Services

Tian Eng offers one of the best choices for Lion Dance and Dragon Dance performances for any joyous functions, big and small. We will create color, sound and flair with a touch of traditional flavor for any events with our professional team of lion and dragon dancers. Lion dance and dragon dance is a combination of acrobats, instruments and color and  Tian Eng have them all.